Mon, Feb 19, 2018
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To develop your talent, you need to understand yourself and for Children, Parents need to know them.
Being aware of one’s strengths, weaknesses, Gifts, personality and all these factors will help a great deal in developing ones talent.
Personal development should be in all aspects of life, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual e.t.c
Knowing ones personality is also key.
A great deal of research and studying is key to help one to fully develop his/her career. Knowledge is key for it also gives the much needed platform to help propel ,your talent to greater heights.









To identify ones talents,
•    Observe your natural interests.
•    Ask for teacher’s suggestions or other people’s suggestions.
•    Academic performance in school situation.
•    Observing your choice of activities.
•    Talent in unconventional fields.
•    Television viewing choices.
•    Pay attention to what you are curious about.

All children have special talents that need to be noticed and nurtured so they will do well in school and in their later lives.

Optimum performance Solutions Ltd. Is helping people ,in all walks in life  with trainings to identify their talents.








Knowing that you are exceptionally gifted or talented in any field is a source of great pride, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. Once the area of potential is identified, steps can be taken to develop and nurture that talent. Daniel Coyle, author, writes that greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.
 Prodigious talent isn’t passed down genetically. It is the consequence of a cutting-edge powerful pattern combining three significant forces: Targeted methods of practicing, specific methods of motivating, and coaching.”
Children’s method of practicing, dealing with success, failure, and criticisms all play a vital part in the likelihood of achieving greatness.
These are some of the ways which help in developing talents in children.
•    Introduction to people with similar interests.
•    As a parent, do not judge negatively all the time.
•    Explore new, opportunities.
•    Motivation is key.
•    As a parent, find your child a mentor.
•    As  a parent, promote inner satisfactionNoot approval.

•    As a parent praise effort, not ability.