Mon, Feb 19, 2018
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To secure a job you need to learn how to write a winninnng C.V and cover letter.

Your C.V is the first piece of information that a potential employer learns about you, aside from your name. This will perhaps count as much toward forming an initial impression as your first conversation with a potential employer

Be professional in writing a C.V.

Cover Letter – Always write a new one for each job you apply for. Make sure you tailor it to the requirements of the job.
Make sure that the C.V is complete! Have on there anything that is relevant to the position you are applying for: education, skills, certifications, awards, past jobs, etc.

Contact us on HOW to write a professional C.V and cover letter.








An interview is an actual encounter with the employer. An interviewer is seeking to learn the qualifications, competence, Skills, knowledge, Personality and more attributes about a prospective employee.




  • You should know what to expect from an interview session.
  • Why should you invest My Time to Prepare?
  •  Questions to Expect in Your Interview.
  •  Questions YOU Should Ask in Your Interview.
  •  Things to NEVER Say.
  •  Avoiding Career Limiting Comments, Questions & Demands.
  •  What Are Interviewers Looking for?
  •  Body Language.
  •  Effectively Managing Questions about Money.
  •  Effectively Managing the Question about salary.
  • Real Time Needs Analysis.
  •  Looking Your Best for the Interview.
  •  The Phone Interview.
  •  Excelling at the Team Interview.

These are some of the tips you can use to secure a new job.
•    Learn new skills
•    Research:
•    Sell yourself.
•    Use your social network.
•    Use free networking Sites.
•    Use a recruitment agency that specializes in your particular area.
•    Share with friends.
•    Act straight away: When you get a lead or hear about a job opening apply immediately.
•    Don’t let a lack of experience discourage you from applying for jobs.
•    Don’t give up – Never stop looking.

Contact us for more information.