Mon, Feb 19, 2018
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It all starts with preparation, which started the time you choose your career.
To secure a job,
•    Drop the self-imposed limitations.
•    Maintain a clear focus
•    Explore opportunities within your functional area of expertise as well as your industry. Look at alternative sources for job leads.
•    Clearly label a career change. If you're switching fields, make sure the objective summary on your resume reflects that desired shift.
•    Don't rely on your resume to sell yourself. Focus on putting your face to your resume.
•    Have The Right Attitude.
•    Be Professional.
•    Be smarter, faster and better.
•    Try new strategies.
•    Find ways to make some extra money so you aren’t desperate and panicky.
•    Move to a city with jobs.
•    Move to an industry sector with jobs
•    Help other people. Now is the time to be extra generous in helping other people with job leads, event invitations, networking contacts, advice and moral support.



Now more than ever, your brand management and online presence are extremely important. Interviewers and potential employers will be scouring the internet to ensure that you, the applicant, are a qualified individual, with no mishaps that would bring anything negative to the company. Set you up with the correct accounts on social networking sites to meet the right people and increase your online presence
    Take control of your online reputation and your “brand name” as a whole.
    Ensure that employers get Google search results they are looking for when they type in “YOUR NAME” into Google